Walleye Fishing Presentation Secrets

Using the rapid fire presentation method I’d like to talk about today in this report can give you significantly more bites and success every time out. There are some tricks to doing this though.

This one’s a true game-changer: The rapid fire presentation method works so well because it offers a wide variety of baits and presentations to quickly determine which ones are the most effective for those specific conditions.

(Charting is also important with this method and many others, because this will allow you to look at these charts in the future and see what worked for those conditions, and what was not effective. This log and chart will help you in the future, as a guide to what has worked before for the same conditions and what had no effect.)

Here’s how it works:

The rapid fire presentation method will start out using one bait and technique, and then change these every twenty to thirty minutes. This will allow you to locate the perfect bait and presentation for the Walleye and conditions where you are fishing. This method lets you zero in on exactly what is having success, and what is failing to gain the interest of the Walleye.

You can start out using live bait, without drifting or trolling, maybe using minnows, leeches or any other type of live bait you prefer. If you are not having success after twenty minutes, switch to crankbaits and see if the Walleye are interested. Use this to determine which type of bait the Walleye you are fishing for want.

After twenty minutes of crank baits, you can try switching to trolling using live bait. After twenty more minutes, switch to drifting with crankbaits. Using the rapid fire presentation method will allow you to narrow in on what works quickly and much more rapidly than the other anglers on the water. When you use the rapid fire presentation method, you can narrow the presentations even more within each component itself.

For example, if you notice that the Walleye seem to want live bait rather than crankbaits, try switching the type of live bait you are using every twenty minutes until you get good results. You may start out with a fat juicy earthworm, and give it twenty minutes to see how many bites you get. If this bait is not a big success, switch to a minnow. After twenty minutes with the minnow, change to a leech.

This method will let you cycle through your available live baits, to see which one is the most effective at the time. If crankbaits seem to be the ideal bait, try rotating colors every twenty minutes to see which colors are the best attractant. Make sure to mark down each bait as well as all the conditions present, and chart where you are using them for future reference. Determining which presentation works best can help you increase your success, and the rapid fire presentation method is the best way to quickly figure out which methods work best at that specific time.

Alternating between drifting and trolling every twenty minutes can help you pinpoint which method is more effective at the time. Then it’s time to narrow it even further to find the perfect technique which is very successful. If trolling is working, and you are getting bites but are not catching much, try changing your trolling speed. Slow down or speed up at twenty minute intervals, to find the best speed for the fish for that day.

The rapid fire presentation method can also include varying the depth you are fishing at. Depending on the weather conditions and other pertinent factors, the fish may be near the surface, down close to the bottom, or suspended in the thermocline.

The depth can vary widely, and you can be fishing in a spot where Walleye are numerous, but if you are fishing at the wrong depth, using the wrong bait for the conditions, or using a presentation which is not effective, you will not catch the Walleye even if they are right underneath your boat.

The light levels may play a part in the depth, because if there is bright light the fish will sink down, or find underwater structure and weeds to escape the light in.

Usually in clear waters or when light is abundant, natural colored baits will work best but this is not always true. You can even switch from brightly colored baits to natural colored baits every twenty minutes, holding everything else constant. A variation of this rapid fire presentation method is used by many professionals and experienced anglers to improve their success in the shortest time possible.

It allows you to locate the ideal bait and presentation for any area and conditions by changing techniques and baits frequently in 20-minute intervals until you have success.

The biggest key of all is to only change one thing at a time: This allows you to zero in on catching more walleye and bigger walleye.

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