Mobile Phones – Top 5 Handsets For Christmas Presents

With the children counting down the hours to opening the first day on their advent calendars, the Christmas present rush ensues. The latest mobile phones have created a craze and hype, with the latest mobile phones and smartphones catching the eye. So what are the best handsets for Christmas presents this year?

iPhone 3GS
Undeniably the most talked about and marketed phone on the market at present. The iPhone 3GS is perfect for multimedia savvy users, looking for a phone that combines a sleek and extravagant design with all the integrated features that come as standard with a smartphone – all intertwined within the iPhone OS that is supremely easy on the eye.

Palm Pre
Talked up as a genuine contender to the throne of the iPhone 3GS, the Palm Pre is a versatile multimedia smartphone. Complete with its 3.1″ colour touch screen, the Palm Pre boasts an integrated QWERTY keyboard. The first phone to pioneer Palm’s new Linux-based OS, its internet client and general connectivity gives the Palm Pre strong credentials.

Nokia N97 Mini
The latest in the N-series of the Nokia range, the Nokia N97 mini is the re-sized version of the Nokia N97 – Nokia’s second touch screen handset on the market. The lite release of the Nokia N97 mini contains a reduced storage capacity, a thinner and sleeker design and an expansive 3.2″ colour touch screen.

BlackBerry 9700 Bold 2
Known by some as the BlackBerry Bold 2, the latest BlackBerry 9700 Bold 2 smartphone, with the latest BlackBerry 5.0 operating system, boasts an impressive battery life and heightened Wi-Fi and network support for users on the move. With optimised web browsing perfect for mobile streaming, users have a range of applications that can provide everyday solutions for casual and business use.

HTC Touch HD 2
In terms of design and hardware the HTC Touch HD 2 is one of the nicest looking phones on the planet. With its slim, ergonomic design combined with a staggering 4.3″ touch screen, the HTC Touch HD 2 is thinner and more expansive than the iPhone 3GS. A powerful 5.0 megapixel digital camera gives users the opportunity to become snap-happy. Meanwhile the Windows Mobile operating system appears to work seamlessly to provide a strong alternative to the smartphone elite.

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