Listening – Are Your Audiences Listening and Paying Attention to Your Persuasive Sales Presentation?

Have you ever got to the end of a presentation and had a prospect ask you questions which clearly show that they weren’t listening to your sales presentation? We need to be aware that if we want people to keep listening to our message then we have to ensure that its interesting enough to hold their attention. We have to be constantly seeking ways to encourage people to keep listening to us, holding their attention long enough so that they can hear all the details of our persuasive sales presentation without getting bored.

We need to recognise when their attention is wavering and make alterations to regain it. Things to look for are:

  • Wandering eyes
  • Checking their watch frequently
  • Lack of interaction or questions
  • Playing on their computers
  • Asking questions about parts of the presentation you haven’t come to yet

Tips to make sure you that you receive effective listening:

  1. Get them away from their desks so that they will not be distracted by their emails, the Internet, their workload or anything else on their computer. People tend to be more relaxed when your move them from their desk
  2. Have an agenda and let them know what it is so that you can confirm if all points to be discussed are relevant
  3. Switch of any distracting electronic equipment, TV, Radio, PCs, music players etc.
  4. IF they have an urgent interruption which shows that they are no longer concentrating on your presentation, sometimes as a result they may ask you to be quick. You are better of re-scheduling to a more convenient time, they will appreciate it and you wont be wasting your breath
  5. After any interruptions, give a brief summary of what was discussed before the interruption
  6. Avoid breaks, make sure that you close the deal while they are emotionally high. You usually buy things at this point instantly when you go shopping. Notice when you take a break, for example when you say that you will think about it, you rarely go back to the store and buy
  7. Prepare and have everything to hand so that you maintain eye contact and keep prospects at an emotional high.

Research shows that we only take in approximately 40 percent of what we hear.

Use the following formula to ensure that you achieve maximum listening and retention

  1. Tell people what you are going to tell them
  2. Tell them
  3. Tell them what you have told them

Use this information to ensure that your prospects are wide awake and listening to all words of your persuasive sales presentation so that buy 9 out of 10 times.

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