Food Presentation Can Be As Important As Taste

For some, their idea of a fine meal is going out to the local buffet restaurant, where you can load up your plate with as much food as you want for one low price. What you gain in quantity, however, usually doesn’t make up for what you lose in quality. And it doesn’t matter if the lady carving the prime rib is wearing women’s chef pants-she is not a real chef. In fact, she probably just heated up the prime rib in the oven before bringing it out. No, if you want real good food you need to go to a real good restaurant. One that serves food prepared the right way, only using the highest quality and freshest ingredients. And while that food will taste wonderful, there is another aspect where it has the local buffet beat: presentation. You see, when food not only tastes good but also looks good, it can turn a great meal into a sublime experience.

A meal that is presented well can bring some unique flair to a plate of food when done right. The important thing is to make things interesting without going too over the top. For instance, simply turning a piece of ahi tuna so it is resting on its short side-like a skyscraper-can add a lot of pizazz. But stacking several pieces of ahi tuna up so they look like Stonehenge brings the plate from classy down to tacky. Instead, don’t let the cook shirt go to your head and go for simple instead of elaborate. Figure out what the central focus of the plate will be and build around that. And most importantly, don’t take too long! Whether your dish is hot or cold, getting it quickly to the person who is going to actually eat it is very important.

Variety is an important thing to think about when presenting food. You probably want to avoid putting lots of spherical food together-a plate of meatballs, new potatoes, and brussels sprouts doesn’t exactly scream “variety”. Think about putting some asparagus or pork tenderloin instead to mix things up a bit. And pretend you’re wearing housekeeping uniforms when you’re putting your plate together-keep things clean! You don’t want rogue pieces of meat or sauce all over your plate. The white space is as important as where the food is. Finally, don’t be afraid to inject a little color. Use a sauce drizzled around the food or put a colorful vegetable like an orange pepper into the mix. The visual stimulation can be the difference between a good meal and a wonderful experience!

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